Most of the material in Chapters 12-15, 17-20, 22, 23, and 25 first appeared in The New Guard in slightly different form. Most of Chapter 34 was originally published in The Alternative. Chapter 10 was written for the Center for Independent Education and later published in Human Events. My thanks to all of the editors and publishers involved for permission to use the material here.

Chapter 38 was originally published, in considerably different form, in the Libertarian Connection. Since, in that peculiar journal, authors retained ownership of what they wrote, I need not thank the editors for permission to use the material here. I instead thank them for generating useful ideas and maintaining a convenient and productive forum.

Chapter 47 first appeared in Frontlines, vol. 2, No. 6, March 1980. Chapter 52 is based on an article that I published in Social Philosophy and Policy in 1994, Chapter 54 on a chapter I wrote for For and Against the State, Chapter 62 on a piece I published in Liberty.

Thanks are also due to those who read and commented on my original manuscript: Emilia Nordvedt, Larry Abrams, and especially Milton Friedman. Also, for sporadic criticism and general forbearance, to Diana. The later material reflects intellectual debts to many people, among them Gordon Tullock, Tim May and the late Earl Thompson.

I also owe thanks to my editor daughter for catching at least some of the mistakes in this edition and to the unknown fan whose pirated online pdf of the second edition provided me with a machine readable text, saving me a lot of work.