English pages

Here I collect all English pages of this site.

Original texts

Here I collect some books and articles, translated by me or under my editorship. I will be glad to receive your donations in support of this work.

  1. Reiner Eichenberger and Bruno S. Frey. Functional, Overlapping and Competing Jourisdictions (FOCJ), 2006.
  2. David Friedman. The Machinery of Freedom, 3rd edition, 2014. pdfaudiobook by author.
  3. Jack Hirshleifer. Anarchy and Its Breakdown, 1995.
  4. Stefan Molyneux. Practical Anarchy, 2008. pdf. Translation is still in progress.
  5. Eric Mack. Libertarianism, 2018. Translation is still in progress.
  6. David Friedman. Legal Systems Very Different from Ours, 2019. epub. Translation is still in progress.

Translations from Russian to English

I hope that in near future I will translate to English some of my texts.

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