The Machinery Of Freedom

The Machinery of Freedom by David Friedman is the most fundamental exposition of the doctrine of anarcho-capitalism from an economic rather than an ethical or legal standpoint.

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This is the third edition of The Machinery Of Freedom by David Friedman, which I have translated into Russian. You can read it online or download it in PDF.

Each chapter is also accompanied by audio. The text is read by David Friedman himself. For your convenience, the entire audiobook is collected in one playlist.

Text provided by the author. The audio was legally received on Amazon and then illegally converted to mp3 format.


The Machinery Of Freedom
Preface To The First Edition
Preface To The Second Edition
Preface To The Third Edition


1. In Defense Of Property
2. A Necessary Digression
3. Love Is Not Enough
4. Robin Hood Sells Out
5. The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Richer
6. Monopoly I: How To Lose Your Shirt
7. Monopoly II: State Monopoly For Fun And Profit
8. Exploitation And Interest
9. I Don’t Need Nothing


10. Sell The Schools
11. A Radical Critique Of American Universities
12. The Impossibility Of A University
13. Adam Smith U.
14. Open The Gates
15. Sell The Streets
16. 99 And 44/100ths Percent Built
17. A First Step
18. Counterattack
19. Might Have Been
20. Is William F. Buckley A Contagious Disease?
21. It’S My Life
22. The Rights Of Youth
23. Creeping Capitalism
24. If You Want It, Buy It
25. Scarce Means Finite
26. Pollution
27. Buckshot For A Socialist Friend


Anarchy Is Not Chaos
28. What Is Anarchy? What Is Government?
29. Police, Courts, And Laws — On The Market
30. The Stability Problem
31. Is Anarcho-Capitalism Libertarian?
32. And, As A Free Bonus
33. Socialism, Limited Government, Anarchy, And Bikinis
34. National Defense: The Hard Problem
35. In Which Prediction Is Reduced To Speculation
36. Why Anarchy?
37. Revolution Is The Hell Of It
38. The Economics Of Theft, Or The Nonexistence Of The Ruling Class
39. The Right Side Of The Public Good Trap

40. How To Get There From Here
Postscript For Perfectionists


For Libertarians: An Expanded Postscript
41. Problems
42. Where I Stand
43. Answers: The Economic Analysis Of Law
44. Private Law Enforcement, Medieval Iceland, And Libertarianism
45. Is There A Libertarian Foreign Policy?
46. The Market For Money
What Commodity?
Preference Is Not Prediction
47. Anarchist Politics: Concerning The Libertarian Party
48. G.K. Chesterton — An Author Review


The Cure
49. The First Legal System
50. Anarcho-Capitalism: The Kindergarten Version
51. Bargaining Into Anarchic Order
52. A positive account of  Rights 
53. Market Failure, an Argument For and Against Government 
54. Anarchy and Efficient Law
55. Default Rules, Economies of Scale, and the Stability Problem
56. The Hard Problem II
57. Initial Appropriation, a Brief Venture Into Moral Philosophy
58. Welfare and Immigration: The Other Half of the Argument 


The Poverty of our Circumstances
59. Problems with Ayn Rand’s Derivation of Ought from Is
60. The Economics of Virtue and Vice
61. An Argument I lost: Where My Moral Philosophy Comes From
62. Capitalist Trucks
63. The Conservative Mistake
64. The Misuse of Externality Arguments
65. Unschooling: A Libertarian Approach to Children
66. Welcome to the Future

Appendix I: Other Works of Mine
Appendix II: My Competition
Appendix III: Some Numbers

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